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MK Week 8- Spectacular Imaginations


     This week here in the Masterkeys, there have been Oh, so many different forks in the road….  Work, Stress, Lack of sleep, a fender bender, an overnight hospital visit, mechanical problems, technical difficulties of every kind imaginable, impatience, and negativity by others’ seeming to come out of left AND right fields….           


Whew!  I close my eyes, and breathe deeply within…. calling forth the Strongest and Best Energies of my whole Being. I DEMAND Inner Peace, and CHOOSE my responses Diligently……….  so that “Subby” has NO CHOICE but to realize that I AM is the boss around here! In at least 7 different ways, all day long. Even in my dreams at night……….  Being the Observer is absolutely Priceless!

I am Grateful to BE 100% Present, and in the moment, everyday!  Like this beautiful little sprout…  


Ahhhhh….. Much better!    🙂  🙂

Mark J. says that our group is Electrifyingly Spectacular! 🙂  Well, Thank You!  I must agree….              

I am Focused on Building that Stairway, to that Bridge of Enthusiasm, through my Imagination.. One small, Consistent, step at a time. Haha! I can sense that some of my friends think that I’ve lost my mind, as I talk to myself, as well as inanimate objects (in their opinions).  But, you know what?Sixhunnadolla, Jamison, the Beautiful Tahoe that I drive, my Dreamboards, and my 3D Chandalier are Real, and ALIVE, no matter what anyone else feels! I have learned to not either be around, or accept any negativity!  I truly AM the Watchman at the gate! Constructive thought IS all there is!       I have become very quiet, and remain calm, and my friends no longer understand who I am. It’s all good, though, because I am now beginning to have something they only wish they had, and I know I have Ya’ll, my beloved Mastermind Alliances. 🙂 Let’s Do this, together, NOW!!

I always strive for excellency, in everything that I do, and I have seriously just Stunned myself!!

Through the precision of my thoughts, and ideals, I am nurturing this seed which was planted 8 weeks ago, and seeing everything through the same, yet profoundly different eyes. I feel the rich soil, warm and moist, surrounding my roots. I have a Strong stem, and have just sprouted the first layer of leaves. The sun shines on me brightly, constantly strengthening my stem, so that I may Grow tall, and stand firm with Living Force. 

I have revised my DMP, yet again, and everything is immensely, and perfectly flowing. I AM that elegant work of art!


Hehe! Until next time, I’ll be busy recording, learning, excercising, and Stretching….



MK Week 7- Illumination

The Divine is calling me… and this Superb young girl is quickly becoming my very best friend. 🙂

This week here in the Masterkeys has been phenomenal, and a Tremendous Power has been generated Within! The Feeling I have is beyond comprehension, and acts in mysterious ways……       I seem to be on autopilot, but in a Fantastic way! I am diligent, focused, full of Vitality, and totally Observing that the Methods needed are manifesting on their own. Once again, and just about every day for 7 weeks now… I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried. My chore for this week is to sort through all the contents of what was my storage unit, here in my living room. Wow! The memories contained in these boxes! My thoughts have wandered, incessantly, as I’ve been reminiscent of many, many long ago years gone by…. Oh, My Gosh! Where DOES the time go?  🙂       

    I found Pure Joy in all of these boxes, and I also found some very deep-seated buried resentments, which must go, now!  I have no room for hate, only Love…..   

    Our deepest Fear is that we are Powerful Beyond Measure. Now, THAT, we are! But we should not be afraid of this…  We are being taught, and learning, how to override genetics…. and Let Go of past conditioning, so that we can BE the Superb Beings that we were born to be, and Live Our Purpose! There are NO limitations, except those which we place upon ourselves. Just STOP IT!!!!  Hehehe!

The lessons for the last two weeks have been very tough for me. Haha! Me? Not have an opinion? Now, that’s funny…. and then, this week the assignment of the 7 day Mental Diet…. No Negative thoughts. Wow! I never realized how many negative thoughts actually took up residence within.

    I am getting better, by the day, with both of these “things”. My friends are noticing the change, and some are very intrigued by the new me. I’ve had many ask about my blog here, and a few even put themselves on the waiting list for next years class! BAM! Now that’s Inspiration 101…..  What I was born for! Remember that Great White Light with a partial touch of Blue Sky?  Well, Here I am… For all of You! 🙂 

   These days, I am being very quiet, reserved, and submerging myself into my own world. Just BEING the Observer is absolutely enlightening! In working with these assignments, I chose to shift, and substitute, my opinions and my negative thoughts, into completing my movie posters, and into beginning to create my 3D home and office, and because my profession as a driver has me spending many long nighttime hours on the road, my Chevy Tahoe…  Which now has, riding on the dash, a Garden Turtle named Jamison, a Hawaiian Tiki Fortune Statue named Sixhunnadolla,  and a Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple lei on the rearview mirror, AND Glow in the dark stars on the inside of the sunroof! 🙂   Ha! I love what my best friend and I are creating! I want to share them with LOVE for all of you here. My environment is Clear, Beautiful, and Positively Glowing!

3D Magnificence

Whew!!!  Now that I’ve got the spatially under control, I’ll be working on the Musically next, for my DMP recording. I have decided to use Led Zeppelin’s’  Stairway to Heaven. The Instrumentals are perfect, and Wow! The Lyrics resonate volumes as well! 

I’ll let ya’ll in on a little secret about me here. And… My Favorite # is? You guessed it!  The #7!!! 🙂 Rock On, my Fellow MKMMA Students!!!  Mark J. has our back, and we’ve all got this!!!!

What a fantastic Journey we are all on here! Cherish It!  Live it!  LOVE IT!

           At the end of this 6 months, the following picture IS my reward!   I Love you all…

Blissful Illumination

MK Week 6- The Immersion Impression

mountains-665199_1920This week here in the Master Keys has been absolutely transformative Within! We were instructed to Engage Full Throttle, as if last week taking it up to 100% wasn’t enough! Ha! It’s Hammertime!!!

 Although I was in attendance of our Webby on Sunday, I was not focused, as one of my daughters was here visiting, and helping me complete my “chore”, which was to completely empty my storage shed into my home, so that I may start eliminating unneeded items, and actually utilize again, many others……  Yay! We did it! 🙂 My reward is the ability to now create the 3D Life for my DMP,  as I continue to find it simply Amazing how the Universal brings to us exactly what we need, in  exactly the right moment!!!! 

Even amid this excitement, though, I remember feeling so lost afterwards, eagerly awaiting the replay. Discouragement started rearing its ugly head, and with all of the new assignments, and not the clarification, I suddenly found myself in overwhelm, timewise……  

So, instead of allowing “Subby” to have control, I kicked him to the curb, and chose to just BE, the Observer, and go back to our regularly scheduled programming of….. gaining Knowledge, and Inspiration! I began by continuing to read the Law of Compensation, thinking positive thoughts, and celebrating the new effective habits that I have formed, in creating a demand, and Manifesting my Intention. I then began reading Part 6…….. Wow!!!


From the Universal, the individual “I” is given control. What an Incredible Gift! We must learn to generate Current of enough Strength to power up, and Manifest our Purpose! In Focusing, and Internalizing all of what I’ve learned as yet, I feel so very Vitalized!!! The Energy and Excitement is beyond Awesome! I am now purposefully building bridges of Love and sharing with others!

When I watched the replay on Monday, Excitement filled my heart! I had already bought all my supplies needed, and printed my colored shapes and pictures. I Secured a compass, which also has a magnifying glass for Focus, a thermometer to remind me of my Desire to swim in crystal blue warm waters (instead of the rough current of the previous seas), and a whistle for celebrating ME! I’ve been wearing this compass everywhere, all week, and…. Oh, the questions others are asking, and their desire to jump on next years waiting list already! The Gal in the glass is very pleased, and the stranger within is quickly becoming my very best, and most intimate Friend! It is indeed, a Fantastic Feeling to be a 7 year old KID again! This Dream Board is also really fun!!

I will greet this day with Love in my heart, and SUCCEED!

MK Week 5-The Ripple Effect

balloons-1761634_1920 Ahhh, Yes! Here we are, rippling to no logical end, with all these Gorgeous Colors…….

 Sit still, Close your eyes, Breathe in, and really FEEL each of these colors with your Mind, and what they really mean to You! Color is created Within, and WE are the artists and creators of our OWN Abundant lives! 

This week, here in the Masterkeys, we were asked to take it up a notch, and give it 100%. I am so grateful that I made the decision to do just that! It really has been a totally Vibrant week….

My old skin has turned to dust, And I will never be the same again…..

We were asked to notice the colors everywhere we go. What an astounding way to look at life!  While working, which is play in my world 🙂 , or running errands, or doing chores, or being of Service to others, or studying, or just about anything else we can imagine. Ha! What fun! 🙂

I’ve been struggling for the last 2 weeks, linking my red and yellow to anything, as they are my least favorite hues. In sitting, at numerous red traffic lights… feeling impatient, but also knowing that Nature never acts in haste, I discovered my use for this red, in all that we are learning here.                                                                         I AM UNSTOPPABLE! 🙂 

The Yellow? Really? I have an opinion about this! Blech! Oh, wait… No opinions? My bad! Hehehe…

First and Foremost….  I am in charge of this Holodek!!!!   So….. Speaking of colors, Here I AM… Transparent, for the benefit of all.. I was born a great White Light, with a partial touch of Blue Sky.. Introverted, quiet, peaceful, and caring….. I am Royalty, and my Favorite color would be… Purple! 🙂

In doing my mental housekeeping everyday, I created this for myself. I want to share with You…                                                                             beach-927935_1280

White is the Universal

Blue is Success

Red is Unstoppable

Green is the Flow 

Yellow is the Sunshine,   from Sunrise to Sunset   🙂

Purple is Affluence



I am a Wonderful Spirit with Unique Gifts to Share with the World! My task is to Impress the “Subby”,  to See the Invisible, effortlessly. Like this majestic Turtle, blissfully adventuring in the ocean ripples…. I am going on a grand adventure, for what is success, other than a State of Mind?

I now commence my Journey, Unencumbered, with either the weight of unnecessary knowledge, or the handicap of meaningless experience….

Until next time, really FEEL Your colors! Be Self Directed! Lighten Up! 🙂 🙂

Give, Laugh, Love


Ahhh, Yes! Here we are, learning to break society’s rules that we have all been conditioned to since Kindergarten…… 🙂  Below is a GUEST blog on my site, the others are mine… Oh, the Magic of Disney. We really can be whatever we will to be!

Hello Sunshine

Happy October, Sunshines,

October brings the changing of seasons and falling leaves. We are transitioning into the season of giving, and compliments are an awesome way to give. Take a moment and give the next stranger you see a genuine compliment. So often we appreciate something about someone but we never let them know what we are thinking. Tell a stranger that you love their shoes, or that their smile lights up the room.

Don’t stop there, though, strike up a conversation with this person. Even if it short and feels awkward (trust me it will be), that’s okay. It is a beautiful thing to know that people want to talk to you. One of the saddest moments is being in a world full of people, and feeling completely alone. That is all we really want after all is the attention of others, to love and to be loved…

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Week 4- The Winds of Change


      Yesterday, the Fall Season finally arrived here in SE Texas. The wind started blowing, it rained, the humidity dissappeared, and temperatures dropped by 30 degrees in a matter of hours.                  I absolutely love this time of year, and the changing of the seasons.  I remember, as a child, all of us jumping from the rooftop onto huge, fresh piles of leaves…… It required Courage, and was SO much FUN!  Ahhh… to be so young and free again…..  

      Today is Friday, which has always been one of my favorites. I look forward to this day all week here in the Masterkeys! I love waking up, and reading everyone’s Blog while I’m enjoying my morning coffee. 🙂 This morning, I was automatically linked to someone who is not Blogging with MKMMA, but under the category of Happiness. Wow! One of her blogs was just incredible, and really spoke volumes within. I will share it in my next post, for all to see. This immediately reminded me of the importance of Digital Connections! Simply Outstanding! 

      My little 7 year old self who joined me last week, has been quite busy, for days now it seems…. talk about the Law of Attraction! So many memories have flooded my mind in everything I am doing! I vividly remember my grandparents, may they all now Rest in Peace, and the knowledge that they instilled in all of us. I can see their back yard and vegetable garden. I can see my own childhood yard and garden, the slugs I collected to save the veggies, and the chickens we raised for eggs and meat. Now, I considered these chickens to be my pets, as my chore was to feed them. They pecked at my toes, and I loved them. Then, as I grew a little in age, after my Father killed them, and hung them upside down by their feet, it was my chore to pluck their feathers, so they would be ready for my Mom to package…..  This is a feeling I will never forget……                                                 The picture above is of my own back yard, where I raised my 3 youngest children. Now that they are all grown, the circle is complete, and the Winds of Change have arrived once again. 

     We have been instructed to just BE the Observer. This is much harder than what one might think. My young, and now NEW self has this down, but “Subby”  has been working overtime this week, attempting to resist the change at every turn.

     Distractions have come out of left field, but I DO NOT allow them to interfere with my work here. Having completed all of my other tasks, here I AM, at the last hour, writing to all of you. It has been an Incredible week, although I have felt overwhelmed at times, as I take notice, and choose to act upon, the change Within.

    Abundance has also come out of left field! Just like the Autumn Winds, and the Ocean Tides, the River Current flows in, and it also flows out. Over the years, I have done some of my best journaling sitting on a Boulder in the middle of a river, or on a rock formation in the ocean surrounded by the waves at high tide……The law of Giving and Receiving, it just simply flows….

The seed has been planted, and with my consistent daily nourishment, is quickly becoming a lush green forest! Beautiful, Splendid, and ALIVE! 

I AM is in the Flow, I AM is rigging the game, I AM is tough as nails, and I AM is no longer the victim! I AM is now quite Victorious!  I AM is STOKED with these Winds of Change……