MK Week 3- I AM the Differential


Today is Friday, marking the beginning of my long work weekend ahead. It is a beautiful, Sunny day with intermittent cloudiness, and mild temperatures.  A lot like my  life, ironically speaking!

      In perfecting my new morning routines, I find myself being led to something greater within, again, every day, and all day. The feeling I get is really quite exhilarating! I bought these boxes for myself  a couple of weeks ago, at a 70% off sale. I paid $4.20 for these, plus 3 more. Score!!!                I want to share them, as well as my home office, outside in my peaceful zone, with all of you.  

     This week, we were all instructed to look back upon our lives, and find our defiance. Oh, Boy!         I immediately knew that this was going to be a tough one on me. Because……

I have always been very defiant, living life on my own terms, or so I thought….

But… What, Really, are those terms? Freedom? Security? Peacefulness? Bliss? Ummm… Not so much…..

     So, I am listening this time, with a persistence that I have never known in the past. I am disciplined, focused, and changing by the hour. I no longer have the desire for so many unnecessary things in my life. I am closing all those chapters, now. Not later. No more procrastination here. No more Fear.                                              

      With a Gentle Brilliance I am steadily gaining true Peace of Mind. Knowing, that I have done my best with the knowledge that I accepted at the time, throughout my life, but also now Knowing, that my Attitude of Mind has had me imprisoned Within for decades now, 43 years, to be exact! Wow!

    This week, I have learned that…. I AM the Channel by which everything is differentiated. I AM the Creator of my Story. I AM the Individual, FOR the Universal. I AM the Light! I AM the Great I AM! What an Astounding Revelation!

    All within this week, and since the beginning of this #MKMMA course, I have laughed, I have cried, I have been upset with myself, as well as others, I have questioned my sanity over the way that I have thought for years… AND I have learned that I was programmed to be this way, starting at a very early age of just 7 years old. That is when I lost myself….

    I can SEE her now… That innocent, little blonde girl, peacefully playing in the freedom of her own backyard. OMG! I can SEE her SO VIVIDLY! I AM going back to rescue her right now! Hold on a moment, Please…

    I closed my eyes, but only for a moment, and now the moment’s gone… Dust in the Wind,            for I have been born ANEW! I found Her there, in that peaceful back yard, patiently waiting for me! She is here now, joined with me, to LIVE this INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE and be ONE with our Authentic Purpose. 

FEEL this Incredible Power! Chills just took over my System, again….   🙂 #TheresNothingLikeIt


Author: MasterkeyBrenda

I am a single Mom of 4 young adults, now on a Journey of Self Discovery. I am a Self Directed Thinker, and Multi-business Entrepreneur. My Passions are family, freedom, driving, listening to music, writing, inspiring others, traveling, plants, landscaping, and beachcombing.

10 thoughts on “MK Week 3- I AM the Differential”

  1. Wow, Brenda- that is powerful…..Your perceptions are razor sharp and your excitement… well, amazing. I queried in my Week 2 Post whether we had to experience some of life before we could ask the right questions – your Post seems to be in the same place. So, let’s not beat ourselves up for “missing” all that time- let’s see it as a school of sorts, that has taught us to see….

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    1. Oh, Thank You! I’m glad that you are able to See and Feel the Power that we all have, individually and collectively. As this journey continues, other souls will See who I really am, through my writings. And as we have all been reading in Og… Experience teaches thoroughly… Yet devours away the years. Ha! Indeed…. Only principles endure.


  2. Powerful post from a most powerful soul. I am so happy you are here and I am excited for your continued awareness and of your journey to design the life you desire. You Rock Brenda! EXCITED with you!!
    Much love…

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  3. Brenda, pure poetry 🙂 Thank you. I have had a difficult time focusing in the excitement instead of the fear and your post shows me that you’ve managed to do that. Wonderful!

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