MK Week 6- The Immersion Impression

mountains-665199_1920This week here in the Master Keys has been absolutely transformative Within! We were instructed to Engage Full Throttle, as if last week taking it up to 100% wasn’t enough! Ha! It’s Hammertime!!!

 Although I was in attendance of our Webby on Sunday, I was not focused, as one of my daughters was here visiting, and helping me complete my “chore”, which was to completely empty my storage shed into my home, so that I may start eliminating unneeded items, and actually utilize again, many others……  Yay! We did it! 🙂 My reward is the ability to now create the 3D Life for my DMP,  as I continue to find it simply Amazing how the Universal brings to us exactly what we need, in  exactly the right moment!!!! 

Even amid this excitement, though, I remember feeling so lost afterwards, eagerly awaiting the replay. Discouragement started rearing its ugly head, and with all of the new assignments, and not the clarification, I suddenly found myself in overwhelm, timewise……  

So, instead of allowing “Subby” to have control, I kicked him to the curb, and chose to just BE, the Observer, and go back to our regularly scheduled programming of….. gaining Knowledge, and Inspiration! I began by continuing to read the Law of Compensation, thinking positive thoughts, and celebrating the new effective habits that I have formed, in creating a demand, and Manifesting my Intention. I then began reading Part 6…….. Wow!!!


From the Universal, the individual “I” is given control. What an Incredible Gift! We must learn to generate Current of enough Strength to power up, and Manifest our Purpose! In Focusing, and Internalizing all of what I’ve learned as yet, I feel so very Vitalized!!! The Energy and Excitement is beyond Awesome! I am now purposefully building bridges of Love and sharing with others!

When I watched the replay on Monday, Excitement filled my heart! I had already bought all my supplies needed, and printed my colored shapes and pictures. I Secured a compass, which also has a magnifying glass for Focus, a thermometer to remind me of my Desire to swim in crystal blue warm waters (instead of the rough current of the previous seas), and a whistle for celebrating ME! I’ve been wearing this compass everywhere, all week, and…. Oh, the questions others are asking, and their desire to jump on next years waiting list already! The Gal in the glass is very pleased, and the stranger within is quickly becoming my very best, and most intimate Friend! It is indeed, a Fantastic Feeling to be a 7 year old KID again! This Dream Board is also really fun!!

I will greet this day with Love in my heart, and SUCCEED!


Author: MasterkeyBrenda

I am a single Mom of 4 young adults, now on a Journey of Self Discovery. I am a Self Directed Thinker, and Multi-business Entrepreneur. My Passions are family, freedom, driving, listening to music, writing, inspiring others, traveling, plants, landscaping, and beachcombing.

12 thoughts on “MK Week 6- The Immersion Impression”

    1. Oh, Thank You. I would say that the inspiration that came to me from reading your blog worked! 🙂 I’m not quite done with my 3D DMP, but I will definitely share when completed…. Ha! There are still 40 years worth of boxes everywhere! LOL.

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  1. “We must generate current…” This really gave me a great mental picture of what I have been fighting. Trying to swim upstream, wires crossed, snagged in the under brush and spending energy fighting against my best self. Now we are learning how to use our energy for love and goodness! What a difference!


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  2. The “generate current” line in this lesson was one of my favorite.

    And love hearing this:

    “The Gal in the glass is very pleased, and the stranger within is quickly becoming my very best, and most intimate Friend! ”

    What a wonderful gift to your self! ❤


    1. Oh, Thank You for reading them! 🙂 I’m Referencing my Week 5 post- The Ripple Effect, “I was born from a Great White Light!” Throughout all of this coursework, I have learned that inspiring others IS one of my purposes! Haha! DMP Revision #?


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