MK Week 7- Illumination

The Divine is calling me… and this Superb young girl is quickly becoming my very best friend. 🙂

This week here in the Masterkeys has been phenomenal, and a Tremendous Power has been generated Within! The Feeling I have is beyond comprehension, and acts in mysterious ways……       I seem to be on autopilot, but in a Fantastic way! I am diligent, focused, full of Vitality, and totally Observing that the Methods needed are manifesting on their own. Once again, and just about every day for 7 weeks now… I’ve laughed, and I’ve cried. My chore for this week is to sort through all the contents of what was my storage unit, here in my living room. Wow! The memories contained in these boxes! My thoughts have wandered, incessantly, as I’ve been reminiscent of many, many long ago years gone by…. Oh, My Gosh! Where DOES the time go?  🙂       

    I found Pure Joy in all of these boxes, and I also found some very deep-seated buried resentments, which must go, now!  I have no room for hate, only Love…..   

    Our deepest Fear is that we are Powerful Beyond Measure. Now, THAT, we are! But we should not be afraid of this…  We are being taught, and learning, how to override genetics…. and Let Go of past conditioning, so that we can BE the Superb Beings that we were born to be, and Live Our Purpose! There are NO limitations, except those which we place upon ourselves. Just STOP IT!!!!  Hehehe!

The lessons for the last two weeks have been very tough for me. Haha! Me? Not have an opinion? Now, that’s funny…. and then, this week the assignment of the 7 day Mental Diet…. No Negative thoughts. Wow! I never realized how many negative thoughts actually took up residence within.

    I am getting better, by the day, with both of these “things”. My friends are noticing the change, and some are very intrigued by the new me. I’ve had many ask about my blog here, and a few even put themselves on the waiting list for next years class! BAM! Now that’s Inspiration 101…..  What I was born for! Remember that Great White Light with a partial touch of Blue Sky?  Well, Here I am… For all of You! 🙂 

   These days, I am being very quiet, reserved, and submerging myself into my own world. Just BEING the Observer is absolutely enlightening! In working with these assignments, I chose to shift, and substitute, my opinions and my negative thoughts, into completing my movie posters, and into beginning to create my 3D home and office, and because my profession as a driver has me spending many long nighttime hours on the road, my Chevy Tahoe…  Which now has, riding on the dash, a Garden Turtle named Jamison, a Hawaiian Tiki Fortune Statue named Sixhunnadolla,  and a Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple lei on the rearview mirror, AND Glow in the dark stars on the inside of the sunroof! 🙂   Ha! I love what my best friend and I are creating! I want to share them with LOVE for all of you here. My environment is Clear, Beautiful, and Positively Glowing!

3D Magnificence

Whew!!!  Now that I’ve got the spatially under control, I’ll be working on the Musically next, for my DMP recording. I have decided to use Led Zeppelin’s’  Stairway to Heaven. The Instrumentals are perfect, and Wow! The Lyrics resonate volumes as well! 

I’ll let ya’ll in on a little secret about me here. And… My Favorite # is? You guessed it!  The #7!!! 🙂 Rock On, my Fellow MKMMA Students!!!  Mark J. has our back, and we’ve all got this!!!!

What a fantastic Journey we are all on here! Cherish It!  Live it!  LOVE IT!

           At the end of this 6 months, the following picture IS my reward!   I Love you all…

Blissful Illumination

Author: MasterkeyBrenda

I am a single Mom of 4 young adults, now on a Journey of Self Discovery. I am a Self Directed Thinker, and Multi-business Entrepreneur. My Passions are family, freedom, driving, listening to music, writing, inspiring others, traveling, plants, landscaping, and beachcombing.

11 thoughts on “MK Week 7- Illumination”

  1. Great blog, Awesome to read that some of your friends want to become next years students, The world will be a much better place with more happy, positive people. ( and I love your movie posters

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful Brenda! I love the Hawaiian Tiki Fortune Statue named Sixhunnadolla…(smiling large) I too am reflecting more this week and being the observer. Not always easy in a house full of people who love to talk. lol

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    1. Oh, Thank You so very, very much! The Feeling that I get while inspiring others, and giving the HOPE for Joy, Affluence, Kindnesses, and LOVE- is simply Magical. 🙂 After all these years, I have found my self again! I AM so very grateful for everything. I also thank ALL of you for the gift of yourselves.


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