MK Week 8- Spectacular Imaginations


     This week here in the Masterkeys, there have been Oh, so many different forks in the road….  Work, Stress, Lack of sleep, a fender bender, an overnight hospital visit, mechanical problems, technical difficulties of every kind imaginable, impatience, and negativity by others’ seeming to come out of left AND right fields….           


Whew!  I close my eyes, and breathe deeply within…. calling forth the Strongest and Best Energies of my whole Being. I DEMAND Inner Peace, and CHOOSE my responses Diligently……….  so that “Subby” has NO CHOICE but to realize that I AM is the boss around here! In at least 7 different ways, all day long. Even in my dreams at night……….  Being the Observer is absolutely Priceless!

I am Grateful to BE 100% Present, and in the moment, everyday!  Like this beautiful little sprout…  


Ahhhhh….. Much better!    🙂  🙂

Mark J. says that our group is Electrifyingly Spectacular! 🙂  Well, Thank You!  I must agree….              

I am Focused on Building that Stairway, to that Bridge of Enthusiasm, through my Imagination.. One small, Consistent, step at a time. Haha! I can sense that some of my friends think that I’ve lost my mind, as I talk to myself, as well as inanimate objects (in their opinions).  But, you know what?Sixhunnadolla, Jamison, the Beautiful Tahoe that I drive, my Dreamboards, and my 3D Chandalier are Real, and ALIVE, no matter what anyone else feels! I have learned to not either be around, or accept any negativity!  I truly AM the Watchman at the gate! Constructive thought IS all there is!       I have become very quiet, and remain calm, and my friends no longer understand who I am. It’s all good, though, because I am now beginning to have something they only wish they had, and I know I have Ya’ll, my beloved Mastermind Alliances. 🙂 Let’s Do this, together, NOW!!

I always strive for excellency, in everything that I do, and I have seriously just Stunned myself!!

Through the precision of my thoughts, and ideals, I am nurturing this seed which was planted 8 weeks ago, and seeing everything through the same, yet profoundly different eyes. I feel the rich soil, warm and moist, surrounding my roots. I have a Strong stem, and have just sprouted the first layer of leaves. The sun shines on me brightly, constantly strengthening my stem, so that I may Grow tall, and stand firm with Living Force. 

I have revised my DMP, yet again, and everything is immensely, and perfectly flowing. I AM that elegant work of art!


Hehe! Until next time, I’ll be busy recording, learning, excercising, and Stretching….




Author: MasterkeyBrenda

I am a single Mom of 4 young adults, now on a Journey of Self Discovery. I am a Self Directed Thinker, and Multi-business Entrepreneur. My Passions are family, freedom, driving, listening to music, writing, inspiring others, traveling, plants, landscaping, and beachcombing.

12 thoughts on “MK Week 8- Spectacular Imaginations”

  1. Great attitude. I also feel more distant to some of my friends who seem stagnant in their mindset or situations. Not by choice, I have simply moved to a higher plane of existence that they can not yet comprehend. Keep surprising yourself; for the power with in is magnificent indeed.

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    1. Thanks! After your comment here, I went back and re-read this post. I vividly remember writing that day! Throwing the Switch! Ha! I love it! Wow! Now that we are in Week 20, I am observing that I have grown tremendously, and absolutely Adore the person I have now become. My next project? To figure out how to tie these two websites together, and maybe import week 1-8 to my hosted blog which is at LOL.


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