MK Week 3- I AM the Differential


Today is Friday, marking the beginning of my long work weekend ahead. It is a beautiful, Sunny day with intermittent cloudiness, and mild temperatures.  A lot like my  life, ironically speaking!

      In perfecting my new morning routines, I find myself being led to something greater within, again, every day, and all day. The feeling I get is really quite exhilarating! I bought these boxes for myself  a couple of weeks ago, at a 70% off sale. I paid $4.20 for these, plus 3 more. Score!!!                I want to share them, as well as my home office, outside in my peaceful zone, with all of you.  

     This week, we were all instructed to look back upon our lives, and find our defiance. Oh, Boy!         I immediately knew that this was going to be a tough one on me. Because……

I have always been very defiant, living life on my own terms, or so I thought….

But… What, Really, are those terms? Freedom? Security? Peacefulness? Bliss? Ummm… Not so much…..

     So, I am listening this time, with a persistence that I have never known in the past. I am disciplined, focused, and changing by the hour. I no longer have the desire for so many unnecessary things in my life. I am closing all those chapters, now. Not later. No more procrastination here. No more Fear.                                              

      With a Gentle Brilliance I am steadily gaining true Peace of Mind. Knowing, that I have done my best with the knowledge that I accepted at the time, throughout my life, but also now Knowing, that my Attitude of Mind has had me imprisoned Within for decades now, 43 years, to be exact! Wow!

    This week, I have learned that…. I AM the Channel by which everything is differentiated. I AM the Creator of my Story. I AM the Individual, FOR the Universal. I AM the Light! I AM the Great I AM! What an Astounding Revelation!

    All within this week, and since the beginning of this #MKMMA course, I have laughed, I have cried, I have been upset with myself, as well as others, I have questioned my sanity over the way that I have thought for years… AND I have learned that I was programmed to be this way, starting at a very early age of just 7 years old. That is when I lost myself….

    I can SEE her now… That innocent, little blonde girl, peacefully playing in the freedom of her own backyard. OMG! I can SEE her SO VIVIDLY! I AM going back to rescue her right now! Hold on a moment, Please…

    I closed my eyes, but only for a moment, and now the moment’s gone… Dust in the Wind,            for I have been born ANEW! I found Her there, in that peaceful back yard, patiently waiting for me! She is here now, joined with me, to LIVE this INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE and be ONE with our Authentic Purpose. 

FEEL this Incredible Power! Chills just took over my System, again….   🙂 #TheresNothingLikeIt


Mkmma Week 2-My New Life Grows From Within

      My presence online, and within the community, has been scarce over the last couple of weeks. I started this MKMMA Course with Full, Focused Attention for the things that I will learn, and experience Personal Growth with. The Journey of this week has been one of a thousand miles, and very, very Amazing, and Thought Provoking, to say the least.                                                                                       

       So Today, I Start a New Life… For a week now, I have been waking up around 7am with a vitality previously unknown for me. I am excited to rise early to enjoy the peacefulness and security of my porch, while in the silence of dawn, listening to the birds begin to sing their Beautiful Song. I read Scroll One, and complete all numerous daily assignments first thing, while enjoying my first cup of coffee. I then go about my day, until the lunchtime reads. At this point, I usually take a nap, so that what I just read will feed my subconscious mind, while my conscious mind rests. Last thing at night, whether I am finished working at 8pm, or 3am, I read the assignments again, to accomplish the same result.  I am not allowing anything to break this routine, so that it has become habit. The results have been absolutely Awe Inspiring for sure, and have provided the balance that I need.            

       I truly look forward to the every Sunday/ Monday Webinars, as they have become the highlight of my weeks. This is MY time, to learn and grow. It has been like going back to school, which I never completed…..  Oh, so very long ago, it seems. I love the Index cards, the organization, the discipline and mindfulness required, and the colors of Life itself. I am seeing Blue rectangles everywhere! These rectangles,  I link to my Pivotal Needs, which I have promised to Manifest.                                            

       As I mentioned in my Week 1 post, reflecting later, on my ability to sit still. This has been a great challenge for me. With tears just streaming down my face, like a mountain stream, and our young cat, Potter, climbing into my lap, obviously wondering what the heck is going on with Mom, I suddenly begin to notice itchiness all over. Sheer will power is necessary for this means of controlling oneself, which I have accomplished. In moving onto this weeks task of controlling all thought while sitting still, I find myself resisting this option. It is definitely harder to do than what one might “think”. However, it’s all in the perspective here, and I know that this ability is Key. There simply are no other options to building my bridge, so I have been focusing, and being the Silent Observer of everything this week. This has given me great Insight on many different planes of existence, and I now feel even further equipped to do the internal work at hand. This journey is going to be Magnificent, and so very Awesome!                                                                                                                                                 

       Through all of this, life goes on, and I am Joyfully busy, and very Intent, on creating for myself, and my family. the best life ever. Today is my 2nd daughter’s Birthday, and my 3rd daughter, and her boyfriend, have also flown in from North Carolina to visit. This marks just the beginning of great change within our lives, and I feel the Universe delivering new abundance to me every day. I am Joyful, Happy, and Truly Blessed beyond measure, and seriously look forward to sharing this Amazing Journey with all of you.

Mkmma Week 1

When I first decided to make a commitment to the MKMMA course, I was a little nervous about the amount of work and time that is required. Then I thought, if not now, when? So, I followed my intuition, and did all of the requirements for the scholarship application anyway. I received the scholarship almost immediately, and my excitement really started to grow!

I had already secured a family reunion/ vacation for a week in Colorado, (Sept. 14th-21st), and I just knew I would not be focusing on anything but family while there. However, even before all of us here even began week one, up there in those gorgeous, crisp, clean air mountains, I could not stop thinking about the miraculous journey ahead. All of a sudden, my mindset changed, seemingly automatically. I experienced a few alone times, in serious life reflection. and I returned home renewed, and excited!!!  This is it, I know!

Although I was totally prepared for Yesterday’s webinar, I found myself to still be a little anxious about the “time” I will be spending here, as for my main career, I am basically on call 24-7, although I am self directed, and self employed. So, I simply explained to my clients that on Sunday afternoon, and a few other select times throughout the week, that I will simply be unavailable for a couple of hours, and why. Sharing this news with them has been a very smooth process, and accepted and understood by all.

I really enjoyed the webinar, and all of the detailed information contained therein. I also have really enjoyed Lesson 1, and find myself completing all of the tasks in a timely fashion. It is like second nature to me, and not difficult so far. I’ll do the sitting part tonight, and reflect on that later on….

I feel a need to read, read, read…. and then some. Reading usually makes me very sleepy, but not with this. This course is just amazing! Apparently, my mind has been looking for itself for a very long time. I am now truly INSPIRED!!!